Brown Noise 12 Hours – Study Relaxation Meditation Tinnitus Crap/Wet Pants Turtle Polish

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-HD version being uploaded-

Brown Noise 12 Hours – Study Relaxation Meditation Baby Crying Crap Pants Mime Repulsion


Aaron Stoll says:

58:32 I was dying of laughter… classic

Nerve Damage says:

Thumbs up for the description alone, lmao.

James B. Hall says:

I listen to pink white and brown noise at the same time

misses kitty says:

this does not make me want to crap

american37 says:

As I sit in the tub listening to this brown noise it is very relaxing to
treat my tinnitus by shoving Turtle Polish into my ears while taking a crap
in my wet pants,

Payton Tolbert says:

this is what i use to fall asleep when theres no fan and people around me
are snoring its so much softer than white noise perfect for sleeping

Will Porter says:

Ugh thank god. Last night a gaggle of Mimes (ya know, face paint, quiet)
accosted me in my room. I threw this noise on and they disinitigrated right
in front of me.

It was actually quite disgusting.

Alexandria says:

It’s like white noise, but less harsh. Oh, the many things I find on the

Karl Nagaysa says:

The sounds relaxing on low/med volume but seriously wtf is with the title
and description pmsl

yousaywhatwhatwhat says:

White and pink noise creep me out. I find this one much softer and nicer to
listen to.

Silvenium XIron says:

Lmao, dat title.

S St says:

Wet pants turtle polish huh?

Mr. Nice Guy says:

Helps with my headaches. Thanks

Sir Gobblesmith says:

Sounds like the ocean or a waterfall.

BurritoMcChomp says:

So this makes you shit?

FunTime says:

6:36:34 was my favorite part

angry kangaroo says:

Awesome for drowning out talking but a bit worried about the crap pants
turtle polish part.

Ms3queen says:

This sounds like some huge car running over a giant puddle.

Yo Mama says:

why does this make you want to shit

dalton tellinghuisen says:

Who the fuck is going to listen to this sound for 12 hours 

Khoi Pham says:

Almost as good as White Noise, but it’s ok. 7/10

Kevin Sissons says:

Sounds like a tv that isn’t picking up a signal. I have really bad tinnitus
and can hear it over this noise. I think it might actually be aggravating
my tinnitus.

Angel Black says:

South Park brought me here. Was disappointed,.

miraeja says:

lol i think what’s even better than the sound is the utterly
insane-sounding title of this video

Mike Mon says:

This made me shit my pants 

continentalgin says:

Love it. Sounds like Niagra Falls.

Harry Jobson says:

I had a stole for nearly over two weeks. Atlast, a proper shit 

Brannan Cooper says:

I shat my pants.

FocusPokus says:


Elisha Gomez says:


Mr.Thundergodz says:

it just sounds like the wind or something

sazerac 7 says:

I really like this brown noise and I’ve been using it for a few days now to
fall asleep. Can anyone tell me why, after a few hours of brown noise, all
of a sudden a commercial comes on and wakes me up! I can’t figure out why
it happens. 

Gondo says:


otronixx says:

i love the beat

张钊源 says:


antonn holguin says:

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Marinero Vrataric says:

sound like the sea or even more like a waterfall, and dalton, this is not a
music vith beat, bass. not for “rave on”, its just for relaxation. try to
relax your body, your mind, beach chair, some good grass, and lying in the
sun. This is something that can not be bought

Jack Gelert says:

How many people here have green/hazel or brown eyes. Like me

Reyth77 says:

A little to “heavy” for me. Much prefer the shifting pink noise (no homo).
Oh and btw, its 12 hours to cover every possible length of sleep. Thank
you and goodnight.

Jamie Riley says:

Just waiting for the drop…

Kufunklefec says:

Why would we need an HD version of static noise? Its not going to get any

Minzkraut says:


CR4TES says:

Whenever I’m huffing turtle polish until I crap/wet my pants, THIS is my
go-to jam.

Coffice says:

I’ve been using this video for a little less then two years now and can
safely assume 100 thousand of the indicated views are mine.

Arthur Barbosa says:

Has a sound behind the noise.. latin music,maybe..
Am I crazy ?

joshula miller says:

sound like very hard rainfall

matt kline says:

This is like a mellow version of the crowd in Excitebike.

Girm Mac Neil says:

Finally, the mimes are gone

mike levy says:

this actually so helpful 

Eros Delorenze says:

This caused me to fart a lot but i can blame it on all the tomatoes i ate
and they stink too.. make your nose curl shoo weee..

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