Donate to the American Tinnitus Association here (Nick Rolls are at this link as well): We’re using our world’s hatred of Nickelback to raise money for Tinnitus research!
Tinnitus Presentation for the Sanderson Community Center of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. For more information about Tinnitus and Jodi Goodenough please visit: For more information on Tinnitus Visit The American Tinnitus Association: [More]
Tinnitus miracle review – I found so many fake reviews all over the internet , so i decided to put a video which shows all the honest review for this ebook , what i [More] Offers Tinnitus Suffers a place to find relief. Find out how you can help remedy the awful effects of Tinnitus. It takes on many sounds as you can hear on this video. Here Are [More]
Dirk De Ridder, MD, PhD leads the new University of Otago academic neurosurgery research unit in New Zealand and is one of the world-leading researchers on tinnitus. He is the co-director of the Tinnitus Research [More]
Tinnitus can be a distressing condition with a profound effect on one’s lifestyle and state of mind. Here I present some experiences and advice with a view towards helping other sufferers and raising awareness of [More]
if you’d like to know more about tinnitus, you can call the American Tinnitus Association. The number is 800-634-8978. The American Tinnitus Association — Committed to a Cure
Tinnitus research pioneer, Dr. Jack Vernon, Ph.D., who is also the co-founder of the American TInnitus Association and an honorary director of the organization, and Dr. William Hal Martin, Ph.D., Director of the Oregon Health [More]
Allen Rohe, an audiologist is interviewed by Al Cole, syndicated CBS radio talk show host about his practice and his involvement with the American Tinnitus Association through their AZ Walk to Silence Tinnitus and the [More]
Jazz guitar legend Al Di Meola is further living proof that no one is invincible when it comes to noise exposure. Al is concerned about music lovers as well as musicians. He is a good [More] Tinnitus treatment that works. This video will discover amazing cure how to get rid of ringing in ears without any medicals or sound therapies, all natural relief of head noises and buzzing. Transcript: 0:00:06.880,0:00:08.630 [More]
William Shatner recounts his experience when he first got his tinnitus, how it impacted him and the help that the American Tinnitus Association (ATA) gave to him. He encourages all with the condition to contribute [More]
This is a six month follow up to my first video blog I did on my struggle with a condition called tinnitus, which is a loud, intrusive ringing in the ears. At the end of [More] click here if you have tinnitus problem and looking for natural cure. This tinnitus cure is proven working for some people. You might be one of them too. For more information about Tinnitus natural [More]
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Mr. Shatner speaks about his tinnitus and the work that the American Tinnitus Association is doing to reverse the condition for 50 million Americans. Please visit for more information 2006-2013 © by The American [More]
Tinnitus-do you know what it is?- About 50 million people in the US know it, mostly kids, young people. Millions more outside the country. I am not talking about a little ringing you may hear [More]
Learn more at or from the American Tinnitus Association at . Tinnitus is when you perceive sound that is not being made externally. There is no cure for tinnitus, but Janet Davila, an [More]
WARNING: When the video starts there are low “sounds of tinnitus” at the beginning of the video for about the first minute. This video spot was prepared for airing on PBS stations nationwide. Its an [More]