Living With Tinnitus In this video you will learn the secrets one man discovered that eventually helped him to sleep properly at night and in so doing to be able fight off the tinnitus. His letter to [More]
New All-Natural Tinnitus Remedy Discovered. Read More at: Prevalent leads to of tinnitus In several people, tinnitus is brought on by one of these circumstances: Age-related listening to reduction. For most persons, hearing worsens [More]
Tinnitus, commonly referred to as ringing in the ears affects one in 10 adults in Britain. This figure is likely to be mirrored in Ireland. Sufferers hear a constant noise in their ears which have [More]
Sufferers phone in with their stories of living with tinnitus.
my plan of attack dealing with tinnitus
Tinnitus (LIVE) (part 1/2) Firehouse Benefit show, Worcester, MA. 10/6/12. Video: © DJ Mätthew Griffin 2012.
A film that describes both visually and audibly what it is like to spend just ONE DAY living with severe Tinnitus.
CAUTION. PLAY QUIETLY AT FIRST. High noise levels can be hazardous to hearing and audio equipment. Please play this at a modest level and your own discretion. Use good earphones, headphones or speakers to hear [More]
One in ten people in the UK have tinnitus, and for some, the ringing in their ears becomes so unbearable that many contemplate taking their own lives. To give us an idea of what it’s [More]
Get A Cure For Tinnitus That Really Helps – More and more people suffer nowadays from ringing in the ears, or what is commonly know as Tinnitus. Tinnitus is a simple perception of sound [More]
Sometimes it’s ringing. Sometimes it’s the sound of bacon frying or conveyor belts running. Sal Gentile says these phantom noises in his head started more than a year ago. He was diagnosed with Tinnitus and [More]
Living with TINNITUS and just living LIFE 🙂
Can you imagine hearing sounds that only you could hear? Can you imagine what it’s like to know that you are ALWAYS going to hear that sound? I’ve been told many times by many people [More]