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http://tinnitustratamiento.co/descarga »» «« Si sientes ruido en los oídos similar al siseo como viento, campanillas, sumbido, tambores, eco y otros como cuando se pone una caracola en la oreja, es probable que estés con tinnitus. [More]
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This story aired on the local news in Dallas, Texas on Veterans Day
One in ten people in the UK have tinnitus, Susanna Reid (who has mild tinnitus herself) wore an MP3 player to build the noises into her working day, to see what it’s like to be [More]
University of Leicester medical researchers think they have made a breakthrough that will help people suffering from tinnitus. The condition leaves people with a constant loud ringing in their ears, which is actually a phantom [More]
Tinnitus sufferer on the verge of suicide finds his OWN cure by emailing expert 3,000 miles away in America Ian Turner’s tinnitus was so unbearable that he was contemplating suicide Doctors in the UK diagnosed [More]
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