Dispelling myth that nerve damage causes permanent tinnitus

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Nerve damage may trigger and set up the initial tinnitus pattern but this does not mean you are stuck with permanent tinnitus. Far from it, most people report that their tinnitus gets better and worse depending on stress levels, tiredness, and adrenaline levels, dietary issues and hundreds of other factors. If your tinnitus gets noticeably better and noticeably worse, then this shows that your tinnitus is not being perpetuated by nerve damage. Nerves cannot regrow and then become damaged again on a daily basis. This is a physiological impossibility.


Besa65 says:

Thank you so much for being a positive force for tinnitus sufferers like
me! Everyone is either clueless and or doesn’t care or they know about it,
but are negative as far as any help for it. No one talks about tinnitus
much. It’s not a very big concern out there. So thank you for being there
for us! ;)

Roger Mascetti says:

From my own experience I can attest Julian is very much correct about the
nerve damage. I’ve had low level tinnitus in one ear for 20 years. I’m a
part time musician so I’ve always worn ear protection. One day my tinnitus
became severe. My actual tinnitus level was only 6dB above my hearing
threshold, but I learned that your perception can make it sound very much
louder than it is.

Besa65 says:

I hope to God you’re right about that! ;(

oz goz says:

if our hearing has become over sensitive, as you say, wouldn’t the rest of
the world’s sounds appear louder too?

actually certain sounds do hurt mu left ear (mettle on mettle) so…

Tin Man says:

I understand the positive attitude approach,, but man,,mild for 7 years I
could handle, it’s the last 22 months of severe Tinnitus and Hyperacusis
that I aint doin well on.. Thank you Julian. 

Lakshya Mehra says:

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buddy got amazing results with it. 

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