Pink Noise Tinnitus Masking – 90 Minutes

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Close presents ninety minutes of continuous pink noise for masking tinnitus and irritating background noise. White noise can be too sharp for some people however a pink noise mask has more bass and is more pleasing to the ear. So, if you have trouble concentrating due to tinnitus, or you have insomnia and just want a little help to sleep, try our long Pink Noise masker.


ImperialChefRamsay says:

Hey Brad, I heard that most of the cases tinnitus is temporary.
I’m 15 and I’ve had tinnitus for basically a month and a half now.
Somewhere around there. I went to the doctor for it and I had an ear
infection, perforated eardrum and an earwax blockage. The doctor told me I
should go to an ENT which I haven’t yet, doubt theyll be able to help. I’m
pretty sure I have it permanently which sucks cause I never listen to loud
music/videos and i’m never near loud environments, video helped me sleep.

Adina Gamal says:

ank you so much for this. I have it and it got worse when i turned 36. Ive
been dealing with it for 2 years now. I cant sleep. This helped to relax

Margit Hamar says:

My son has had tinnitus since starting September 13th of this year. it
started really loud in his left ear it has gone lower but sometimes he says
he hears it in both his left and right ear the hearing doctor said his
hearing is fine he says he only hears it as a really faint hiss that he
says goes a little up or down. when hes outside he is fine or watching tv
but when its really quiet like when he is sleeping he hears it also he
notices it alot more when he focuses on it but he said its hard not to
focus because he wants it to go away any thoughts people.

naranza65 says:

I had tinnitus for 19 days now. Thank you for this video, it has helped me
sleep. Waking up is the hardest for me.

hansonsux says:

take the intro out so I don’t hear ocean every 90 minutes.

DoubleUpOnBob says:

Dear Brian. I am a young man in my late twenties, and I am a totally new
tinnitus patient. Only had it for a week now. Thank you for this upload, I
hope it can help me sleep. I have been so down and out I have thought about
the ultimate way out of this. But this gives me a chance of sleep again.
From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU

Florian Brohm says:

I still hear my tinnitus. Not helpful. Sorry

Jack Dewar says:

Tinnitus was affecting my concentration and studying until I came across
this, it really does help. Thanks.

DoubleUpOnBob says:

Hi Brad. It’s me again. How long did it take you to accept and make peace
with your tinnitus?

Adam Mendenhall says:

Thank you so much i ran across this and it works! its been, eeeeeeee in
my ears for weeks and weeks and this helped

hansonsux says:


DoubleUpOnBob says:

I am so tired I called you Brian. Your name is Brad. Sorry.

MIKE C says:

Helps with my hyperacusis

MIKE C says:

No I haven’t yet but whoever suffers from hyperacusis should try sound
therapy. If you don’t have the money for professional help do it your self.
Listin to ur favorite song 25min a day for a week and slowly increase the
sound level every work. 

Austin Durrant says:

I have Tinnitus for years but quite slight. A month ago it went full
blast,despite being profoundly deaf in my right(a blessing) the noise is so
loud my head throbs to the pulse. it has changed my life no doubt. trying
special hearing aids today.hypnotherapy soon. and i’m in Canada and there
behaviour training they say it helps but i don’t know. it sure sucked fun
out of my life.

johny bravo says:

Mientra escribo estas lineas estoy escuchando la solucion que propones para
paliar el problema de aquellos que padecemos tinnitus, en primer lugar
quiero agradecer a ti y a todos aquellos que buscan una solucion para
eliminar, o al menos hacer un poco mas llevadero este problema, el solo
hecho de haber intentado ayudar a solucionar el problema ya merece mi total
agradecimiento. un abrazo amigo.– despues te comento como me fue con el
zumbido de Mi…a que tengo en los oidos.–

sharla Batangan says:

Thanks it helped

jaber4life says:

Lol tinnitus mask.. Nothing makes it better

Dale Price says:

Try pink noise.

Dee Isachsen says:

Binaural beats work much better than this.

Dee Isachsen says:

To each their own. Have it in both ears more so on the left . The beats
work much faster to relax into full meditation and a deeper sleep. There is
something out there for everyone. Find your niche. It’s only a statement
and maybe a new suggestion for those whom aren’t familiar with binaural


Good nigth froom México


Sooo!!! Good for me really great Job tkkss

Mike Weiss says:

I suffer from hyperacusis after surgery on my ear, this helps retrain my
ear to handle noise. thanks!

Leslie Wright says:

Moved into a new office space that is so quiet, I can hear my ears ring.
Payback for a lifetime of abuse with loud music. Never tried
noise masking before – this is amazing. Thanks!

foo f says:

This actually physically hurts my ears. Anyone else with tinnitus get that
with loud noise?

preppywasp says:

it works for me when it’s very loud
thank you

Jackie White says:

I think I am goin to lose my mind with the hissing buzzing almost like
little buggy noises….this covered quite a bit! Sound like a old fan

Christoffer K says:

I’ve had a weird ringing in my ears for the last 2 weeks now, this one is
the ONLY thing that masks it. Brad McBride, this is just amazing. I have to
put it on a very low volume, and the “ringing” goes away.

Ka Boom says:

You cant believe how loud I have to put this to mask my tinnitus. Holy crap
I’ve gotten so bad. 

Yngsatchvai says:

I leave the tv on and a fan is a really good mask, on a chair blowing in my
face while I huddle under lots of covers.

Zachariha Rachel says:

This is one of the more effective ones. But it takes a lot to concentrate
for my brain to forget the ringing. Only sleep gets me away from it. heavy

villeptincess1981 says:

This just changed my life. Thank you!

Kat M says:

I have had it for 3 years I get dizzy all the time and headaches from it. I
hope this works.

poiqwepoi says:

If only this could help for people with deafness and Tinnitus. I have
Single Sided Deafness with permanent screeching tones in my deaf ear.
Waterfall on my almost working ear only makes T worst for my deaf ear.


Really GOOD i can sleep deper

Brad McBride says:

Thanks…I also have an 8 hour version on my channel

Frank Lake says:

1 month of it and I already want to die

nuninhopast697 says:

this is good for tinnitus? Or make the tinnitus worst?

Brad McBride says:

I’ve had tinnitus for over 25 years… so sound masking, for me anyhoo, is
how I cope with it.


EXCELENTE !!!! Deep sleep

ucgga2 says:

Born with tinnitus no joke didint realize it was a thing till a friend told
me about tinnitus and i realized what i had so be thankful you only had it
part of your life ive never known silence but i do have one advantage over
all of the other sufferers because it’s all ive ever known it dose not
bother me as much. I am still very grateful for the relief though 🙂

Brad McBride says:

I’m sorry to hear that :/

Lee Elliot says:

There Here”. Poltergeist of course. This is a nice relief. Thanks. Peace*

Gary Williams says:

thanks… long time Tinnitus sufferer this realy helps me in the office
headphones on it’s great get to ignore the T for over an hour

Brad McBride says:

Wow… you must have thought the world came with a naturally high pitched
buzz. I can’t even imagine that.

nuninhopast697 says:

no cure for this? 2 years with tinittus after take
amoxicilina,floxedol,deflazacorte. But i try no thing about noise.

Brad McBride says:

Glad it helps!

Brad McBride says:

Glad it helps. I also have an 8 hour version on my channel

Brad McBride says:

Glad it helps. I have a long version also … in my channel

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