Tinnitus | Primary Causes of Tinnitus Part 1 – Gunfire and Explosions

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In this video, we are expanding upon the framework laid out in our primary video, located at http://youtu.be/jotRxgYioao.

This video is primarily related to the primary causes of Tinnitus, establishing the first of a longer related series upcoming about different causes of Tinnitus and hearing loss.

In Part 1, we establish that loud noise exposure is the primary cause of noise induced hearing loss and Tinnitus. But loud noises could be anything, which is why this is the first in a series breaking down each one possible.

For this video, located here at http://youtu.be/hWXh63JcNKo, the focus is on gunfire and explosions. The video goes into some basics about the people exposed to gunfire, along with some interesting related statistics thanks to gunpolicy.org, here at http://www.gunpolicy.org/firearms/region/united-states.

We then begin the look at explosions, and the people most at risk for explosion based hearing loss. Thanks to information provided at http://www.asha.org/aud/Articles/Auditory-Effects-of-Blast-Exposure, we detail some of the physical problems associated with these types of noises.
Both gunfire and explosions involve blastwaves, which damage the middle ear membrane, leading to lifelong serious hearing damage.
Before finishing, we talk about some tips and trick to help prevent hearing damage from guns and explosions, and ultimately discuss the author’s experience and a special treatment that he found to help cure his Tinnitus.

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